Lucius: BurnMature

A ball of fire burning in the palm of my hand, I approached the demon from behind.

"Tell me you have news of the sixth child for me," I said, making the flames in my hand all-too visible.

"I'm sorry, Lucius, I've looked all over, and I can't find him. Please, please, sir, just give me more time -"

"You've already wasted enough of it," I said, and the flames engulfed his body. How pathetic. A demon, begging for his life like that? Disgraceful. He had to die. He didn't have the stones to work with the second born child of Satan. Plus, I never got tired of that scream and that puff of smoke when a demon's pitiful existence was brought to an end.

I had my own little spy network in place, doing whatever I wanted - which right now, was finding the new kid. Half angel? What the hell was that? (Pun intended.)

Whatever. We'd find him, and when we did, he would either have what it takes to do his job or he would die.

I'm sorry. Let me explain this a little. I'm Lucius, Satan's second child, and demon of wrath. I've been around since the 1500s. Yep, that's a long time. I was there with Hitler. He started out just a loyal soldier serving Germany. Then, I'd started whispering in his ear, and soon, he was mine. He did what I said, and I almost - almost - accomplished my goal. I'd tried to destroy humanity many times, always without waiting for the other children. I didn't want them to help me. I just wanted the world to burn.

And soon, it would. As soon as we found that child.

The End

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