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I stood at the edge of the cliff, staring off into the sea. Not really. As if I'd do something so fucking sentimental. I was stood at the edge of the cliff, picking flesh from my teeth.


'Oh, Lucius, your here finally.' I smiled at my brother who approached me slowly, his bristly black hair standing strong against the bracing wind, 'any word on the sixth child yet?'

'No. I'm afraid not.' Lucius grunted, 'y'know, Jez, I think you've put on weight since I last saw you.'

'What?!' I yelled, I craned my neck to get a better look at my stomach.

'I mean on your butt.'

I froze, staring right into those eyes identical to my own before I sagged my shoulders.

'Your a real bastard.' I grumbled. Lucius gave a small snickered before ruffling my hair, 'I wonder if he's even been born yet.'

'He has to have been, it's already been a century since Seraphine

'She's not happy about this.' I laughed softly, 'she's locked herself up in Hell, telling everyone that tries to get her to come out that she wont until someone kills the new kid.'

'Sounds like Seraphine.'

'Uh-huh. I heard she killed one of fathers harem during one of her fits, too.' I sighed.

'Sounds like Seraphine.' Lucius repeated, 'I'm not happy about his being born either. Half angel... what on earth was father thinking this time?'

'But, oh man, dad must have used a awesome-fucking-form if he could seduce an angel with it. Maybe he pretended to be god.' I laughed loudly, knowing that was probably the case. Our father may be a lay about, but he knows how to get stuff done. That's where I got my logic side from, I'm sure.

'Language.' Lucius snapped.

'Like you care. Your five centuries old, man!' I mumbled, I hated being scolded by Lucius because there was just something about him that gave off an air of authority. But I guess it's because he's old. Really old. I'm only three centuries old and I still can't do my magic-on-command thing. But Lucius perfected that a long time ago.

Some demons say he was actually the reason Adolf Hitler went all crazy and did the Holocaust. But I don't know...

We stood there in silence, listening to the sound of the waves crashing up against the rocks below us. This world was going to be ours one day, and it was only a matter of time until that day. Each of us play a part in destroying Earth and corrupting the hearts of the people which inhabit this filthy land.

And I was going to enjoy the second that their "paradise" came crashing down on them. But thats why we need to find the sixth child of our father, Satan, Lucifer, The Devil, The Horned God; or whatever you want to call him. Because without him, we don't get our reward for all the labour we put into our job.

I sure hope we find that kid soon, or I shall be in a foul mood.

The End

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