Carmen:A party??Mature

April suggested a party, and Anika got us out of detention. This was so awesome.

We all gathered around the common room table to discuss party ideas.

"Dress up?" Someone mentioned.

"That'd be cool. Why don't we have a theme?"



"Can we extend it to musicals and film characters?"

"Yeah why not?"

I could imagine it now. I had a brilliant idea. I was so going to be Satine from Moulin Rouge. I had seen the perfect costume online. Then I came up with an idea.

"We should write down who we are going to be before people arrive in the same costume." Everyone agreed. I got out a piece of paper, placed my name at the top and Satine-Moulin Rouge next to it. There, now no one would steal it. I stuck it up on the board and then everyone piled around, writing their ideas up. "Shane could organise it, she was amazing last time." i said, slipping my hand in to hers when she had written her chosen character. I couldn't see who it was, so I guess I will just have to be surprised...or check later.

"Yeah I'll do it. I'll need help though."

"Well i'll help" I said.

"Oh god they'll never get anything done." Someone said. I blushed. Shane grinned and kissed my forehead.

The End

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