Anika: Detention sucks.Mature

There is only one thing wrong with this school. We basically got kidnapped and held hostage, and we get in trouble for it.

After the first two hours of sitting in silence, I realized I could not  do this for two months. The first day afterwords, they have a party. Hot chocolate, WOW! really old school.

I cannot was my time in that time out room. I actually have a life. When I walk into the room he next day, I wait for the teacher. He walks in, sniffs that we need to sit down and be quiet.

I walk up to his desk.

"Excuse me.  You look tired. You don't need to be here. I told my Daddy that you work so hard, and he said to give you this." I hand over a check for 50,000 dollars. The memo says to relax." You can cash it if you promise not to tell anyone that you won't be watching us for 2 months. Can you do that?"

He looks stunned. He starts to stutter and sniff at the same time. I smile and return to my seat. Everyone stares at me. I know that they have no idea what I told him. Judging by some of their faces, they thought I had sold them out.

Then the teacher bursts out of his chair and runs for the door with a yell. Then he stops short and tells the class that they are dismissed.

The End

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