To think, a few weeks ago, we had just escaped from wacko's in the middle of a crack shack and now, I sat bunded up by Alex with a cup of hot chocloate in my hands. Detension would fly by as far as I'm concerned, no point in dwelling on it when you can really appreciate life like this.

"April, I was wondering, did you want to go out with me?"

I smiled and blushed "Officially? Yes"

His arms tightened around me "Thank you"

I cuddled into him, resting my head on his chest "I love you Aex, your a wreckless idiot, but I love you"

Alex chuckled "I love you too April"

I looked over at Carmen and shane, Shane was mimicking a stuck up girl's movements and I joined in the laughter-it was a superb impression.

"Everyone's paired up" I whispered "Carmen! Shane! Sam! Emma! Guys! I think we are letting a perfectly good excuse to celebrate go to waste. Any suggestions?"

The End

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