Carmen:Hot chocolateMature

I curled up next to Shane, my hands wrapped around my hot chocolate. Melinda was describing with great detail the sniffing of Mr Datherway while he tried to keep them silent during their detention.

"And he was all 'Miss Price >sniff< will you please >sniff< sit down!'"

I laughed, feeling Shane laughing with me. My hot chocolate almost spilt as I felt my sides bursting as Melinda strutted up and down, her nose in the air.

"Did you behave at all?" I asked.

"What do you think?" She laughed, before leaping up on to the sofa. "Sit down >sniff sniff< what do you think you are doing?"

We laughed. Anika however sat quietly in the corner with Aimee, who was as quiet if not more so. I ignored them for once, and concentrated on having fun. Shane got up and began strutting round after Melinda, copying her exact act. It was hilarious.

The End

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