Anika: They were kung fu fightingMature

I can't beleive this.

First I get on the wrong bus, and then I have to hike up a hill that didn't look like it wanted to evr end. Then Alec decides to be a smart ass and starts poking his head where it isn't wanted. I could almost sense something bad was going to happen.

Maybe I have faster reflexes then the other guys, or maybe they were just frozen from fear. I know that as soon as I realized what was happening, I took off in the other direction.

I ran fr the thicket of trees and could hear the others talking. I could only hear one set of feet chasing after me, so I started to plan. I can see a slight clearing in fron t of me, so I head for that.

I stop and stoop over like I am tired. I am hoping that my looks will make me look innocent and he won't suspect me. I place my hands on my knees and breathe deeply. I am listening all the while. He steps up behind me, and trys to grab me.

My elbow jabs his gut and I spin around to face him. To bad hes a jerk, cause hes cute. I slap him across the face and knee him in his "tenders". He falls to the leaf covered ground as I step over and around him.

I make it back to where they were standing, quiet until I am sure they left. I follow the foot prints to a barn. I look into the window and see the main goon.

I eter with a bang and watch his face. He looks at my face and sneers at the pretty little rich girl that thinks she can beat him. I step up to him and smile.

"Your kinda hot." I say. His eyes open really wide.

"You too."

"I know. Do you want to know how hot I really am?"

" Sure."

I smile at him and move even closer. He thinks he is going to get lucky, but he won't. I jerk my knee up into his region too, and step back as he falls with a thump. The the door swings open.

The End

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