Half way through the performance, in the interval, Shane and I disappeared to the toilets. We were locked away and as she began to un-zip my jacket, kissing me as she did so, someone came in to the bathroom. We froze.

"Carmen, Shane?" It was Aimee's voice. I unlocked the door.

"Jeez Aimee, we thought you were the teacher!"

"Sorry." She looked at us both in the cubicle, and then turned away.

"Aimee, whats up?"

"Nothing." She ran out of the toilets and I started to follow her. Shane grabbed my arm.

"Leave her." she whispered seductively.

"I really should..."

"...stay here." She finished for me, pulling off my jacket. I felt her hand slide up my top and sighed. Aimee could wait. There was something more important going on.



Holding hands, Shane and I ran back to the theatre and slipped in to our seats. Aimee ignored us, concentrating on the play, but I couldn't concentrate any longer. I could sense Shane next to me, and crossed my arms so I wouldn't touch her. The play finally dragged me back in to it's clutches, and at the end I stood adn clapped with everyone else.

Outside the teacher, who looked quite flushed and excited, herded us back on to the coach.

"I just want you to all know that my friend i was talking to has offered a chance for five students in the school to be the leads in a new performance he's doing. The rest of the school will have a chance to perform as well, but only five can get the main roles. The posters will be up by tomorrow."

We all chattered excitedly on the way back, looking forward to this new prospect. Aimee refused to join in the conversation, but I did see her looking over at us once or twice. When she notcied I had seen her she looked away, blushing. I made a mental note to find her tomorrow and talk to her. 

The End

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