Salem: Rowdy, fun, and stupidMature

I head to the climbing center first, making a few friends who about my age, just living a day up waiting until, a crazy party to happen.  Of course all of them where more skilled than I was at climbing but I wasn't to far  behind them.  Afterwards we head to the Go , Karts. I start the thing up and race across the track bumping into my new found friends and of course it wouldn't be go Karts with out an epic crash. But unfortunelty I was the crashee being in the one flipped over and sliding across three lanes of furiouse go kart races getting smacked around fair bit.

We got kicked so we headed to paintballing which we found hurt unneccisarily. Even though it was an epic game of capture the flag much better than the stupid ones setup at school. It was  about 5 O clock. We sat outside of a coffee shop all sipping on a frozen drink.

" So Salem, what school do you attend."  Mike asks.

" Spotlight, I played around the world over the summer. Got a scholarship." I try not to brag.

" Lucky!  what you play?"  Mikes girlfriend Kate asks.

" Guitar and vocals."  I reply.

" Aww sweet, we may not be in a fancy school on a scholarship for our musical talent but you should play with us tonight!" Carl puts in.

" Alright sure where is this taking place?" I ask.

" Just off the side of a service which is off the north main highway. Its will be easy to find." Mike says.

" okay I'll be there my guitar and all."


I find myself playing infront a massive crowd  of local underaged teens drinking besides the fact.  I begin to play noticing my freinds weren't bad at all. Actually better than some of the kids at spotlight. It was quite sad to think they weren't able to attend. I would be like them if not for a scholarship. Hours into the party midnight finds all of us a rowdy noisy crowd half drunken. I really should be heading back to school, I didn't want to miss class, but I was having so much fun, I couldn't part myself from the crowd. I couldn't they where I fit in. I wasn't rich, I couldn't reach university withough a student lone, or let alone Spotlight.

I wake up the party over long ago not in my own room actually to continue that, I'm in a closet. I didn't exactly remember how I got her but I could tell it was early in the morning. I crack the closet opening to a horrid veiw of needles , and bags of white cocaine. Okay maybe I wasn't in this crowd. I look at my arms hoping to god I didn't take the crap.  No needle marks thank god.  I quickly grab my stuff and head for the door. In the front of the house looked like a crime scene with sleeping bodies and needles everywhere once agian.

What have I got myself into? I run as fast as I can from that house. It was five in the morning, and I learned a valueable lesson. Drug attics aren't bad people just unfortunate.

The End

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