April: FudgeMature

We managed to get out of the barn okay as the door wasn't that hard to unlock. "Now all we need to do was find Sam and Alec. " she whispered in my ear

"Didn't that man say something about a cabin?" she whispered to me. I nodded and pointed to a building I dont think she noticed before.

"Great." she smiled faintly. I thought she was timid, I got that wrong. Emma's attitude made me feel alot more confident and I gripped the wood with more force as we got closer to the cabin.

I looked into the window and swallowed the bile in my throat.

"What's wrong?"

"Alec and Sam...."

"What April? What!"

"They look a little beat up, they both have gashes on their arms, Alec has one on his face and Sam has a black eye"

She swallowed too. "We have to get them out"

I nodded "You stay here Em, I'm going in to check things out. Count to ten and come in"

Emma looked at me strangely, my changes in mood "Look, I fine now, and if those guys come back then I'm going to kick their buts!"

Emma nodded. "Ten" she confirmed.

I walked to the door and opened it, slowly creeping inside "Havn't you had enough entertainment for one day?"

"Shhh! Sam, Alec, it's me!"

"Wheres Emma, is she okay?"

"She's fine, infact she's the one that got us out but anyway, I think you boys have had enough time playing pirate, eh?" I pulled out the sharp peice of metal I picked up from the room they put us in and began to cut.

"What are you doing?"

I looked up, the guy was back. "I'm untying my friends and going back home" I smiled.

"Like hell you are!" I got up and prepared to flip him but he had me pinned against the wall, my plank of wood in his hand. "Cute girls like you shouldn't go around doing such wrecklace things, it's stupid"

"So are you, people will come looking for us, you'll be put in prison"

"Not likely"

Shit! I could smell the stale beer and cigarettes on his breath as he got closer. The guy fell to the floor "Emma! Thank you!"

I had tears streaming down my cheeks, Alec and Sam were untied and I ran to Alec, staining his chest with my tears "I'm...never...going...to...forgive...you...for...this" I sobbed.

Alec laughed "I know, c'mon, we have to make a run for it, we don't want to run into those criminals again and Anika might be in trouble"

The End

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