Believe Me I Have No Idea; EmmaMature

Me and April were tied at the hands and again at the stomach attaching us together. Great. A young guy grabbed the rest of the rope and lead us to a secluded barn. I had no idea where Sam and Alec were, they were trying to split us up. He sat us down in the middle and put old rags in our mouths stopping us from screaming.

"Now your not going to do something silly are you?" he stoked my face. I glared at him as April started to struggle. I hit her in the back with my elbow to make her stop. She got the message.

"That's it keep your little friend in check. I'll be back later." he stood up for his kneeling position and walked out shutting the doors and locking them. April started kicking out again shaking me with her. I spat out the tea towel, idiot didn't even tape it.

"April!" I hissed through gritted teeth, "Will you cut that out for a minute, I need to listen!"  she started to moan through the tea towel. "Spit it out and keep still" thank fully she did as I said.

"Thanks" she breathed heavily.

"Anytime." I almost smiled "You need to be as quite as possible and listen out okay?"


"Okay..." I looked around the barn, there had to be something sharp around here to cut the rope with. "Bingo".


"We need to push against each other backs to get up. Do you think you could do that?" I don't know why I was talking to her like a three year old, it was probably stopping us both from panicking. "Okay one... two... three" we started to push at each other slowly standing up.
"Now I have no idea what that is to my right, well your left, but it has sharp edges and we need it  to cut the ropes."

"Okay." she replied. We started to move slowly. As we got are destination we turned to our sides and put the rope on it.

"Now we need to bend our knees a couple of times so it can cut." we did and were free within about two minuets. Accept for out own hands, that were still bound behind out backs. "I'll go first and then I'll untie you." she nodded with a worried look. Once I was free I untied her. She stroked her wrists.

"Now what do we do?" she whispered. I think the panic was dawning on her, she was fine a minuet ago.

"Try and get to Sam and Alec. But we need to arm ourselves."

"Arm?!" she asked shocked.

"Well no, not arm ourselves, just get something that will inflict maximum pain if we run into them. Here" I picked up two pieces of wood. "that should do."

"Thanks. How are you doing this?"

"Doing what?"

"Staying calm."

"Believe me I have no idea myself." she smiled.

We managed to get out of the barn okay as the door wasn't that hard to unlock. Now all we need to do was find Sam and Alec.

"Didn't that man say something about a cabin?" I whispered to April. She nodded and pointed to a building I didn't notice before.


The End

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