April: CrudMature

Anika managed to run off, one burly man chasing after her Please let her escape!

The four of us stayed closed to each other. The bearded man approached. He looked at sam with menacing eyes. His hand swept out at his face, and the impact of it seemed to shake him up. Sam seemed like he was trying to concentrate, probably not wanting to lose his temper.

The bearded man smiled disarmingly.

"It's really unfortunate for you kids," He said with a European accent. "You're probably here on a school trip, no? You shouldn't have poked your nose into our field. Now, I'm afraid you'll never go back to your school." He turned to one of the labourers and barked, "Tie them up. Take them to the cabin."

The man looked at all of us girls, his eyes resting on me and smiled "And be gentle, there are ladies present"

Alec wrapped his arm arond my waist and though I was angry with him, fear overpowered it. I knew a little martial arts but I was smart enough to figure out that even attempting to attack would be a huge mistake. "It's going to be okay April, I promise" We were grabbed from behind, our arms being bound. Alec didn't struggle which was unusual, he was a fighter, it was his instinct, along with botany aparrently.

We were shuffled along the winding pathway, being hit by several bits of foliage. "Sorry ladies, we'll try to be more careful" I bit my tingue, sarcasm was not going to help.

I looked ahead, Sam was watching Emma who looked absolutely terrified, we all seem to be irritated, angry and scared all at once. Alec had his chin up and then I saw it, the small hut styled house, lights beckoning us foward.

Crud, crud, crud! Calm down April, just keep quiet, do as they say and wait for your chance.

The End

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