Salem: where did everyone go?Mature

After an hour of nursing a killer headache, and my own sluggishness. I step onto the campus and its completely desserted.  What did I miss? What happened to class? I run through the building the custodians doing there thing. I figure I should go to the offices.

" Hey where is everyone?" 

" They areeeeeeee either taking a hike or heading to a shakespeare play."  I hated holding the eeee in the word are.

" I see. Good thing I....." I trailed off and walked outside the office.

Alright I got a day to myself , and I really don't feel like phoning Kaylee.  I'm such an idiot. I stop myself before I kick myself agian.  Whats to do around town?  I take a few buses and map the place out. Go-karts, paint ball, biking, climbing wall. Sweet I was entertained.


The End

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