Tell Me Why I Agreed to This; EmmaMature

We sat opposite Alec and April on the bus on the four seats facing each other at the back.

"So are you two together?" April asked smiling breaking the silence.

"Oh, no. No were not together." I smiled back. Did we really look like a couple? April's smile faultered a second as she looked, in turn, at me and Sam.

"Oh. Sorry. So are you going to the Shakespeare?" she changed the subject.

"Nope. Just the hike for us, were more music related so it doesn't really enter our syllabus."

"Thank god." Sam muttered, we all laughed.

"Well we'll see you there then." Alec smiled at Sam.


"Ah the great out doors!" I smiled as I put my back pack on as Sam and I, walked out of the small motel we were staying at with the rest of the school. The poor owners have never seen so many people at the small family business.

It was a short mini bus ride to the hills we were hiking. There was a weird group of us, only six to be exact.

I jumped out of the bus enthusiastically, with my converse hitting the gravel of the car park with the satisfying crunching sound, I walked forward looking slightly up at the hills.


"Tell me why I agreed to this." I said half way up the hill, Sam and Alec in front and me and April a few feet behind. We seemed to be creating our own little group.

"Because you love the great out doors." I could hear the smile in Sam's voice as he called back.

"Do I Sam?" I put on heavy sarcasm " Do I really love the great out doors?! Because I'm not to sure anymore." we laughed.

"Sure you do." he held his hand out to me offering to help me up a steep rock.

"Thanks." he held on o my hand a tad longer then he should.


April kept on sneaking winks and smiles to Alec as we climbed, like she knew something I didn't. I have to admit it worried me slightly.

"Are you people actually enjoying this?!" someone called down the hill. We all turned confused. A girl wearing a very bright pink hoody and expensive jeans emerged from behind the foliage. I recognised her as Anika.

"Yes. Aren't you?" April said with a little anger in her voice as she interrupted our jokes and laughter.


"Man up then." Alec said. I smiled as we walked away from her again, we were quite a way away up the hill when a song popped into my head.

"Hey April, do you know the words to Beautiful Dirty Rich by Lady Gaga?" she smiled as she knew what I was thinking.

"Sure I do!"

"Start from the second verse?" I raised one of my eye brows.

"Of course." her grin got wider.

"We live a cute life" me and April started to sing.
"Soundfanatic, pants tighter than plastic, honey"

"But we got no money!" We all shouted down the hill with massive grins on out faces.

"We do the dance right
We have got it made like
Ice cream topped with honey"

"But we got no money!" we all shouted again, we could hear Anika's distraught huffs and that made it even more fun.

"Daddy I'm so sorry, I'm so s-s-sorry yeah
We just like to party, like to p-p-party yeah"

Alex and Sam joined in, "Bang bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich...
Bang bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich" We all burst out laughing and Alec even wooed.

"Oh ha ha!" Anika called up, we laughed even harder.

The End

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