April: groupMature

Alec walked me back to my dorm which was conveniently next to his. I noticed a pink flyer and read it "A shakespear play, Macbeth and nature hike? In 2 days? Hell no"

"Come on April, it'll be fun, besides we can get out of school. And I know how much you love shakespeare"

"Fine I'll go"

"Good. I'll go tell teach, you get some rest and pack"

I sighed and turned to go into my room. Alec turned me back to him quickly, kissed my cheek and walked off.


I was packed and ready to go, money, clothes, toiletries, camping gear....extra shoes. I let my hair fall loosely down my back and left my room, being met by the enthusiastic Alec. "Your in a good mood this morning"

"I like to hike" he shrugged.

I saw two other students walking in the same direction, a boy and a girl "Hey! Are you going on that trip?"

They turned "Yeah" the girl said "I'm Emma, this is Sam"

"Oh yeah, I remember you Em, hows school been?"

"Good" she nodded

"And sam! You seem alot happier, I thought I'd never see you smile"

Sam rolled his eyes. Alec did a guy hand shake with him and we made our way to the group. I saw Carmen and Shane, forming a group with them. "This might be fun after all" Alec commented as he saw all he couples. "We might get to-"

"-wash your mouth out with soap? I hope so"

Alec laughed and put his arm around my waist "I'm Alec"

The End

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