Salem: AgainMature

I never really thought mopping could be slightly fun Everyone wore a smile on there face. I could see everyone else but me and Kalylee where really close. I will ask Kaylee after we cleaned this all up.  When we left the dining hall it looked  so damm shiny that mr clean would have been jealouse.  Shane and Carmen make it down the hallway looking at eachother quite fondly. Alex and April also had the same look on there face as Kaylee and I just stood at the front of the hall.

" So tommorow Jam session?" Kaylee says

" Yeah, hey I wanted to ask you something."

" Yeah go ahead."  Kaylee smiles at me.

Inside I shift nervously, outside I keep confident outside, " Yeah want to go out friday night, I could take us to a restuarant which everyone is says serves amazing food."

" Oh that would be nice Salem but I'm already heading out friday night with my Boyfriend." She says really nicely.

Really from where?  Again today, what I'm a freacking unlucky bastard?Why do I bother? I should have asked when I had the chance.

" Cool." I say keeping my jealousy and other emotions in check.

" I'm really sorry Salem. I would but , you know how it is." Kaylee says.

" Nah it really doesn't matter to much." I lie," See you tommorow then."  

" Yeah. Bye Salem."  She turns the down the opposite hall.

I don't go to my room, I head downtown and use my fake I.D to buy a bottle of whiskey to drown myself in selfpitty and unluckieness. It doesn't take long to find myself on my couch one 'O' clock in the afternoon feeling worse than I felt the night before. I look at the clock again. Oh I'm hugely late.

" Bugger!"  I get up in rush nursing a head ache, " I really should stop making things worse for myself."

I sluggishly dress myself. I wasn't bad looking, I'm pretty hansome so why exactly do I fail?

The End

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