April : NiceMature

"Well, your right to be honest, I always feel resentful toward him and then he does that and...." I sighed "I'm confused, he'd never even suggested before that he liked me."

"Confusing" she agreed "but sometimes boys are jerks because they like someone, it's so obvious."

"To everyone but me"

"Yeah, to everyone but you" she laughed

"Salem's found someone too by the looks of it"

"Yeah, I'm happy for him"

"Everyone's pairing up, what choas! At least the foodfight was fun!"

"Hey, April, I have an idea" Carmen whispered something in my ear and I looked around for teachers.

"Alright let's do it"




We threw our buckets of water at them and hi-fived eachother "Pay back!"

"How sweet it is!"

The End

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