"Oh, sorry guys!" I dropped the table cloth back down and stood up. April and Alec crawled out from underneath. "You fancy helping us clear up?"

"Not really" said Alec, grinning.

"Well you're going to have to." I said grinning, and chucking a mop at him. We began to clean up, and I saw Salem and the girl who I now knew as Kaylee doing the same at the other end. I was glad he'd found someone else. Shane seemed happy about it too, but she was still grinning about having thrown some food at Salem's face. I smiled. Looking at her now I couldn't imagine not being with her. A littl early in the relationship I know, but still, she was totally perfect.

"Carmen, stop staring, or else you'll start drooling." I looked round at April and she grinned. "You two are so perfect together."


"Are you...serious?"

"Yeah, I think so."

"That is so nice."

"Thanks. So what about you and Alec? I thought thinks seemed a bit tense earlier, but obviously I was wrong."

The End

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