April: Romance and meatballsMature

I hit Alec alot and then ducked under a table for cover, watching the food fight progress. I saw shane lob a meatball at Salem and laughed, I saw him kick it at her cheek and laughed harder, then I saw another girl get hit with mashed potatoe...the really stuck up one and I thought that I'd need a paramedic.

"Hey, hope you don't mind but I need some cover" it was Alec

"Get your own table"

"Aw come on Riley, I've been hit with enough food by you to last a life time, I mean seriously, you could feed an army with this" he shook his head, loadsa junk flying out of his hair and I started laughing.

"Fine, you can stay, J-Juust stop "

"Stop what?" he asked, stopping shaking the junk out of his hair.

"That! My sides ache!" I burts into a fit of laughter as he raises an eyebrow at me then shakes stuff my way. Alec laughs too.

"It's good to hear you laugh, it's been ages"

"Yeah, I think there might be something wrong with me, call the nurse" I giggled. Wait, I giggled?! I never giggle infront of him.

I heard a huge bang as someone flew into the table, sending me back into Alec "What a food fight, it'll be one for the record books"

"Yeah" I felt his arms tighten around me.

"This is actually pretty nice...kinda, romantic"

"Woah, don't get any ideas"

"Too late" he leant his head down

"April" Carmen lifted the table cloth and looked at us, I blushed.

The End

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