Salem: footworkMature

The meatballs hits me and I look up. Of course no other than Shane. Guess I deserved it though, but I also wanted to get back at her.  My fingers seemed to be playing on there own so I skill fully roll the meat bull on to the toes of my shoe then spin kick it around, it catches shane on the cheek. Woops didn't mean to go for the head.   Looks like I just pissed her off she grabs a handfull of pasta and lobs it at me.  It catches me in the face. just then the songs ends.

" Guess we going to have to join, eh Salem?"  Kaylee asks.

" Hell ya." I grin.  Grabbing a near by mess of mashed potatoes. I throw it at shane but she skillfully dodges it and it pegs a really rich looking girl, wearing probably expensive clothing.

" Ohh, time to get tweaked at." I mutter as Shane luaghs. I think Carmen was holding in a massive giggle.

The End

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