James was still kissing me as I felt something slimy down the back of my top.  It was beans.  He pulled away.

'Gotcha!'  The sneaky bastard.  He saw the look on my face and legged it across the dining hall.  I ran after him only to slip and fall ontop of someone.  I looked to see it was Carmen and Shane.  I had probably interuppted something so I gave them a quick grin and ran off after James.

I could see him hiding behind the counter and armed myself with a handful of pasta from someone's plate.  I slowly crept up to the counter and lept over it to find he had disappeared.  I looked around but he was no-where to be seen.

'Too slow.'  He appeared from no-where and put a handful of mash sraight into my hair.

'You are going to pay for that.'  The pasta went straight into his face and I made sure it was well rubbed in.  I couldn't help but laugh when I thought of what we looked like.

'What?'  James laughed too which didn't help me control my fits of hysterics.  'What's up with you?'

'Nothing.'  I managed to gasp when I'd stopped laughing.  'I probably look so attractive right now.'  I picked up a handful of my hair and looked at the contents that had been put there.

'Actually I think you look really sexy.'

'Thanks for trying to make me feel better but we both know that's not true.'

'You don't take compliments well do you?'

'Depends on whether it's true or not.'  The jokiness had gone out of our conversation again and I couldn't help but stare at James.  It was true that even though he was covered in food and had tomato sauce dripping from his face, he still had his Abercrombie good-looks.  'I think I'm going to go clean myself up.  Looks like the fight is over.'

People were starting to disperse and the kitchen staff were looking dispairingly at the state of the dining hall.  I walked out the door and headed up to my room, James following me all the way.  'You didn't have to walk with me. You probably want to have a shower or something too.'

'Actually I was wondering if I could use yours.'  His dark eyes stared at me and I could only say yes.

The End

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