I shook my soaking wet head and grabbed the nearest pile of food. Shane tackled me before I could throw it and we went sprawling on to the floor. I looked up at her and mushed the food in to her hair.


"Ha!" I grinned at her. Then music started up from somewhere near. The food fight became more frenzied. Someone running past slipped and ended up landing on top of Shane and me. I saw it was Skye. She grinned at me, and then got back to her feet, chasing after a guy whose name, I think, is James.

Shane rolled off me, stood up and then offered her hand. I took it and pulled myself up, right in to a handful of spaghetti. I glared at Shane and she grinned cheekily back, then stared past me, her smile dropping. I turned. Behind me was Salem, and he was playing his guitar with a girl I had never seen before. So that's where the music was coming from. The girl was really good, and she was very pretty.

Shane tapped me on the shoulder and I turned again to look at her.

"Just once?" She was holding a huge meatball in her hand.

"Go on then." I sighed. She grinned, and then lobbed the meatball at Salem. It hit him and he looked up, still playing the guitar.

The End

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