Salem: Music for the fightMature

Kaylee blushes at the question, " Its really silly it was boy who kept trying to delay or sabotage my departure. I thought it was cute." Kaylee says. I become a little jealous. I really need to loosen up.

" Oh I see." I hide my jealousy but Of course Kaylee hears the traces in it.

" Is something wrong Salem?" She asks, I can also hear a small amount of anger in what would be under. If your thinking what I think you thinking its non of your buisness.

" No not at all." I say all nervous and put my arms up in surrender. Her face instantly turned in luaghter.

" Your face looked really funny Salem." Kaylee says. We grab oue dinner and find a place to sit.

" So anything interesting for you Salem. That band your playing with seems to have a lot of hype following it." Kaylee starts a conversatation I had no grip on.

" Nothing really got my butt kicked, and my door. The Hype following Silver I haven't really noticed until I got here." I mutter looking at my plate.

" Your to down on yourself.  You do actually have a good voice and your guitar playing is decent. No matter how good you at on the guitar you will always find fault. Which reminds me , you promised a jam next time we meet." She smiles.

I was a tinsy bit afriad of that, Kaylee gives a fair bit of people a run for their money when it comes to guitar playing. Even if a jam has freindly intentions, sometimes it can get competitive.

" Alright I forgot about that. We should do that straight after dinner." No point in waiting right?I hear the splat of thrown food then.


Kaylle and I instantly get off the table and lift it up to shield us from a volley of food. Kaylee had a mischeivious smile.

"Lets play some music for them." Kaylee smiles.

I nodd in agreement we run across the cafeteria dodging miscelaineouse flying food, and sliding across the floor we reach a beaten stage with beaten instruments. 

" Three days grace, lets start a riot should go well." I mutter as I quickly put in the base beat, and vocals for the song, I know the chords for the song, but know never try to sing while in a food fight. Kaylee gets on the drums I take a guitar and begin to play. As we do the crowd gets a little more energetic with the flinging of the food.

The End

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