'OK this is me.'  I searched on my bag of the key to my room.  I eventually found it attached to the fluffy pompom my best friend Sam had given me as a leaving present.  'Come in.'  I held open the door for James to walk in.  He stared in awe at the sheer number of posters I had all over my walls.

'I like what you've done with the place.'  I threw my stuff on the floor and sat on the edge of my bed. 

'So what do you want to do now?'  I asked casually.  James came and sat next to me, he was so close our arms were touching.

'I'm not sure I can say.'  James gave me his most winning smile.

Don't judge me for what I did next.  The moment felt right and it wasn't as if I wasn't attracted to James. it was just a bit of fun that's all.  OK so I kissed him, is it such a bad thing?

It certainly didn't feel that way.  I'd kissed a few guys before but James was amazing and he clearly knew what he was doing.  He pushed me down so I was lying on my bed and his body was on top of mine.  It felt so good but I wasn't totally unaware of what was happening.  As soon as his hands went up my t-shirt I pulled away.

'Sorry that was a step too far wasn't it.'  James looked embarrassed an emotion that I didn't think he would have.

'Yeah I think so.'

'It;s just I've never liked someone this much after such a short space of time.'  The guilt began to well up in my stomach.

'I like you too James, I just think that was way too fast.'  I wasn't lying, I just wasn't telling him why I had talked to him in the first place.

'I know.'  James pulled back and I managed to sit up again.  'You want to go to dinner?'

'Yeah why not.'  I pocketed my key and headed downstairs with James.  The dining hall was fairly quiet.  I could see Carmen and Shane sitting together with another girl and guy.  I was so glad they were still together, I could sense something was wrong earlier but it looked like that had been all sorted out.

I sat with James at a table on our own giving Carmen a quick wave as I passed.  We hadn't been sitting down for five minutes before there was the cry, 'food fight!'  Chaos ensued and after being hit by a flying tomato I was in the thick of it.  I was having so much fun until I came face to face with Greg.  I had a handlful of mash and he had a bread roll.

There was an unbearable silence as we couldn't take our eyes off each other.  Then I felt  something hit the back of my head and I turned round.  James was standing with a cheeky grin plastered all over his face.

'Right you're going to get it.'  I lobbed the mash straight at him and it hit him square in the jaw.  He wiped most of it from his face and grabbed half an orange from someone's tray, caught me by my waist and started to press it into my hair.  I squealed but he didn't stop.

I pushed out of his grip and turned to face him.  We both looked so stupid, covered in food and laughing our heads off.  I tried to make a run for it and get some more food but I slipped on the half of the orange that was lying discarded on the floor and had to be caught by James.

'Umm.. are you OK?'  He asked but didn't let go of me.

'Yeah I'm fine.'  I stared up a him and his face got closer as he leaned in to kiss me.  I know this sounds stupid but when our lips met I felt my stomach do a little flip.  Maybe I did like James for who he was.  Why did I have to make things so complicated?

The End

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