April: introductionsMature

My mood had changed drastically since this morning, and it's all because of Alec. Why can't the guy just leave me alone? He's been making me mess up all day!

I walk into the cafeteria and smile when I don't see him there. I walk over to two girls I recognise from some of my classes. "Hey, your Carmen and...Shane, right?"

"Right" one of them beamed "I'm Carmen"

"And I'm Shane"

"I'm April, pleased to meet you both"

"Your in some of our classes right"

"Yeah, your performances were amazing by the way! You blew that other girl...Anika, out of the water!"

"Thanks" They smiled.

awww, they're so cute together, and they seem like really nice people too!

"Hey April" I felt his arm rest on my shoulders "Who are your new friends?"

Like it's any of your buisness! I forced a smile "This is Carmen and Shane, Carmen and Shane, this is Alec"

"Hey Alec, do you go to school here?"

"Yeah" I heard the smile in his voice

"Whats you talent?"

"Guitar, acting but mostly acting"

"How do you two know eachother?"

"My brother was friends with him"

"Until" Please don't say it "I mentioned that his sister was cute" Alec laughed Huh?

Does this guy want a black eye?!

"Yeah" I smiled "Then we both went bizerk"

The End

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