Anika: Jack and DianeMature

I sit on my bed, singing and playing every song that comes to my over stuffed mind. I don't need sheet music unless I am just learning a song or haven't played it in a while. I play Boys Boys Boys, and Hey Stephan, and Jack and Diane, and She Wolf, and Tik Tok. Every song that occurs to me, I play.

Then I get dressed for dinner. It seems that every one here got in on a scolarship and is so poor that they only have one outfit a day. An even that isn't a very good one. I put on a mini skirt and three tanktops. And, just to top it off, I put on a pair of three inch heels that strap up my leg.

I put my guitar away and lock the case. I get my purse, put in my phone, my guitar key, and my room key. I step out of the room and turn to make sure it is locked. I make my way to the cafeteria.

I see a girl coming out of one of the rooms. She seems to be scared, and I can tell she is new. Her hair is dripping down the back or her shirt. I ignore her and walk past. I had brushed out my hair to its full length and I flipped it over my shoulder for good measure. The blue streaks in it catch the light, I know. I stop before reaching the door.

I open it and immediately scan the room for Stephen. I glimps some boys staring and appreciate it. I see stephen and he is looking at me as well. I smile specially at him and get in line.

The End

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