Salem: CoolingMature

I jump onto my bed and continue punching myself.

" I'm so stupid arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!"   I shout to myslef and throw the comforter off the bed. 

Then my cell rings ah just what I need someone who probably no interest in speaking to me and wants me to buy shit. I pick it up and flick it open regardless.

" Hey Salem here."

" Salem its Kaylee I told you I'm going to the same school right?"  Her voice had a really calming affec. I met Kaylee on tour is really nice , I hate to say it but I think I left wishing I had asked for atleast one date. I'm such a puss. 

" Yeah , I remember you mentions something like that. You here?" I ask

" Yeah  just setteling in. Where are you?"

" I'm in my room. Uh thinks it C wing room 245. Maybe I should meet you somewhere, beside its nearly dinner." My temper had lost itself completlely Kaylees voice was so soothing.

" Sure by the cafeteria then.See you then."

" ok see ya in a minute."  I snap the phone shut , quickly clean my room up a bit and rush through the hallways to be greeted by the beuatiful red haired and green eyed girl. I giver her a hug.

" So how are you , and why are you two days late?" I ask as both inter the cafeteria.

The End

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