I skipped into Drama my usual cheery bubbly self, ready to thrown myself in to whatever we were doing.  The teacher was nice, very extrovert and self-confident but I liked that.

I wasn't early but I wasn't late either, I had managed to get there before James so I sat with an empty chair next to me so we could sit together.  When he walked in I motioned for him to sit next to me.

'Hey, how was your lesson?'

'It was great.'  It had been a performance session so I had been in my element, standing on stage and singing in front of a room full of people.  'I've got another music lesson next.'

'Me too.'  I felt a small shudder of satisfaction.  Greg would be there.  'Why do you have so many music lessons?'  He was looking at my timetable over my shoulder.

'I'm not quite sure.'  While I thought about this the lesson began.  We were doing monologues which meant I couldn't work with James but it did mean I got the chance to show off my acting ability.

When the bell went for the end of the lesson I felt a slight sensation of butterflies in my stomach as I walked towards my music lesson with James.

Greg was already there with his girlfriend when we got to the classroom. 

'Let's sit here,' I said as I motioned to some seat directly opposite Greg.  I had to make sure he saw me.  I pushed my seat as close to James' as I could, which he didn't seem to mind, in fact his body slowly began to lean closer to mine as the lesson progressed.

It was a theory of music lesson so we spent most of the lesson answering questions asked by the teacher.  There was something else going on between Carmen, Shane and a guy whose name I couldn't remember, but I was too busy being focused on James' to realise what it was about.  At the end of the lesson I turned to James and decided to make my move.

'Are you doin anything before dinner?'

'No, why?  You got something planned?'

'Not really I just thought you might want to come up to my dorm and chat for a bit.'  I looked up at him from under my eyelashes suggestively, praying he got the hint.

'That sounds great.'  I smiled and took his hand.

'OK then follow me.'  I only caught a quick glimpse of Greg as I left the room but he was looking at me with shock written all over his face

The End

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