"Do you want to go to dinner yet?"

"We've still got fifteen minutes." Shane kissed me again, and I shifted on her lap to kiss her neck. "Are you still mad?"


"Does this help?" I kissed her again.

"Little bit, yeah."

"Only a little bit."

"If you don't stop we are never going to get to dinner."

"Why. What you gonna do? Tie me up?" She grinned at me and rolled off the chair so we were lying on the floor, her on top of me, pinning my arms down.

"Maybe." I grinned and kissed her mouth, wrapping my arms around her. I felt her hand trailing up my leg...

"Ahem!" Shane rolled off me and I looked up to see a teacher I had never met before in the doorway. He was leaning against the door and staring at us. "I think you two should be getting dinner right about now."

"Yes sir." We both stood up and hurried to the door. Just as we got past him he stopped us.

"Try not to do it so publicly girls. I've got no problem with you doing it in the privacy of your own rooms, but in a dance studio is a little obvious." I stared at him and so did Shane. He grinned. "Well it's not like you're going to get pregnant is it?"

"Course not sir." We turned and walked away. Down the corridor I said,

"Who is that man?"

"Drama teacher. Apparently he used to go here, and he was caught with someone in a teachers bedroom. It was a dare. He's pretty cool."

"What do you mean 'caught'" She looked at me. "Oh. So does he teach you then."

"Yeah. He's really good. Funny guy."

"Oh my god that was so embarrassing."

"Since when did you become shy?" I pushed her playfully. "Come on, lets get to dinner."

The End

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