Salem: Blessed with a short fuseMature

" Will you please stop leaning over me?" Carmen says. I was pretty close. 

" I sure the hell can! Why should I care what you two do?" I mostly ask my self knowing I should really be walking away from this. I move and turn away

" I don't know." Carmen answers the question to my self.

" I wasn't asking you!" I turn around. I'm getting to worked up here, " You know what? I'm sorry, I shouldn't care what you two do,I'm sorry I never should have found you attractive! But next time why don't you say something before someone gets a face full of door!" I say angerly. Then I noticed my fist was balled and was flying in a straight arc towards a Carmen.

 I throw myself to the ground to bring the momentum elsewhere. 

"Fuck! This looks stupid!" At this point I knew I looked insane I couldn't give a shit. I will later though. Carmen looked scared , and I couldn't blame her.  She began to run back to class. I'm not a abusive person ,just unfortunelty blessed with a short fuse and problems controlling my emotions.

" Fuck! This  is , No I'm retarded. Shit." I rant to myself and finish with banging my head on a wall, then take off to my room. This was overblown way to overblown, and it all makes me look like a sap.  The anger was quickly dispersing and I was already regretting my actions. Luckily no one got hurt this time.  I needed to get a prescribtion though. Better off slow then physco.

The End

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