Skye: So not a great startMature

OK so I had started out really well, better than I could have hoped for at a new school.  Been invited to an amazing party, made a friend who I really liked and felt settled in at the place I wanted to be.  It was only a matter of time before things went downhill.

I shouldn't have expected so much from Greg.  He's a guy, that's enough of a warning.  I just didn't think a girlfriend would appear so soon.  I kept telling myself she wasn't very pretty just to make myself feel better.  Why hadn't he told me he had a girlfriend?

I decided I was going to enjoy the party anyway.  It annoyed me that a lot of people had already paired off but there was one couple I liked.  The connection between Shane and Carmen was intense, I had never felt anything like it.  They were really nice people and fun to be around but I couldn't stop thinking about Greg.

I drank as much as I could to try and forget him and it worked, for a while.  I woke up the next morning with a killer hangover and still feeling sorry for myself.  I had an early morning dance class to help me catch up with the others so I grabbed a piece of toast from the dining hall and ran to the lesson.

There were a few other people there already warming up.  Andthen I saw him.  He was gorgeous, tall with scruffy blonde hair, exactly like an Abercrombie model.  That's when the idea hit me, if Greg could have a girlfriend then why shouldn't I have a boyfriend.

I quickly looked at myself in the mirror.  Hair, good, make-up, perfect, smile, bright and breezy.

'Hi, I'm new so I thought I should introduce myself.  I'm Skye.'  I smiled at him and looked up from under my eyelashes.  It worked a treat, his eyes nearly popped out of his head.

'James.  I've been here two years but I've only just taken up dance, are you a beginner too?'

'Not really, I took some classes but I had to stop a couple of years back so I could do extra singing.'

'Wow beautiful and talented.'  That made me genuinely blush.  I would have continued talking to him but the teacher interuppted us.

When the class began I lost myself in the music, forgetting about Greg and the party.  It felt good.  The lesson didn't seem to last long and before I knew it we had finished.

'Miss Garrett?  Could you come over here please?'  James motioned that he would wait for me.

'Is anything wrong miss?'

'Nothing is wrong Skye, I just don't understand why you are taking this class.'

'Well I haven't been pratising for a while and the school thought-'

'The school is obviously wrong this time.  You have a talent Miss Garrett, I look forward to teaching you in the advanced class this afternoon.'  She indicated that I could leave and I almost skipped out of the classroom.

'You were amazing in there.'  James was standing by the door waiting for me a grin all over his face.

'Thanks.'  Even if I was just using James to get to Greg I liked spending time with him.  'What have you got next?'

'A free then drama.'  I looked at mine.

'Music then drama.  Looks like I'll see you there.'  We waved at each other as I danced off to my next lesson feeling a lot better.

The End

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