Salem: Less kicking myselfMature

I really was  horrible in acting. I kept kicking myself and messed everything up.

" Okay you do you monolouges while ask Salem a few questions." The teacher says


" Yes Ma'am." I say

" Are you just fooling around here? Are you seriouse about this class?" She asks me directly no crap in between.

" I'm usually much better Ma'am just today has been strange." 

Man why am I letting something so stupid bug me? Because you didn't see it coming?  I answer my own question.

" Alright Mr, Canter I'm expecting a better performance tommorow." She says.

Class was about to end. A girl quickly rushed through her monolouge. Even though it was quickly done and rushed she still did it with skill.  The bell rang and I quickly dreaded next class. Vocals, with stinkin Shane, and Carmen. I made a complete arse of myself.  I trudge my feet over to vocals. I get in seconds before the bell so that no one one would take notice of my enterance. I take a quick look around the room.  I saw Shane and Carmen sitting already. Should I be Jealouse? Better not Jealousy will bring on a fight. Last thing I need right now. I see shane turn her head to the door. I Duck under her field of view.

This feels like highschool allover agian.  I see an empty seat by that girl from drama. Which also happened to be far enough and out of view from Carmen  , and Shane.  I wasn't afriad of them as much as I didn't really feel like being looked down upon as stupid.  I sit beside the girl from acting.

" Hey nice Monolouge in acting. Even if it was rushed." I smile. " Whats your name?"

" April, what about yours?" She says.

" Salem." I say somewhat releived she didn't appear to have any knowledge of Rising silver.

Just as the bell rung the people who I was trying to avoid spotted me.

The End

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