Anika: Boys, Boys, BoysMature

I have a habit of conecting all of my feelings to songs. Right now, The song that was going through my head was Boys,Boys, Boys, by Lady Gaga.

At lunch, I sat down and was surrounded in seven seconds flat. All types of boys trying to get my attention. Luckly, I had put my guitar away before coming down, or it would have been stepped on like a rug.

"I loved your song."

"I love your hair."

Want to come practice with me?"

I looked around at the admireing sea of faces. They grinned at me from all directions. I just started eating my salad with a smile on my face. After a few minutes, Some got tired and walked away. By the time I was done, There was only one boy left.

"Hi. Whats your name?" I ask.

"Stephen, And you're Anika, Right?"

"Yeah, thats me. What do you play?"

"Guitar, drums, piano, violin.You?"

"Just about anything. You want to practice sometime?"

"I'd like that." he said with a smile. Then I got up and left the room. I could feel several glares pointed in my direction. And why not? Stephen is a total hunk. Now the song in my head is Hey Stephen, by Taylor Swift.

I can't wait for next period. This might actually turn out to be some fun...

The End

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