April: AlecMature

I stormed off to class, my usual happy-go-lucky attitude completely out the window. I remembered the short minutes in lunch with perfect clarity:

"Hey, mind if I sit here?"

I motioned with my hand to sit down "be my guest" I looked up, smile beaming until I met the eyes of the person sitting across the table from me. My jaw dropped slightly, my throat closing up in surprise.

"So you remember me? how sweet"

I took a deep breath and scowled at him "What are you doing here Alec?"

"What, I can't go to school to study music like anyone else?"


"Y'know that really hurts, and after all I've done for you too"

"Like what? Destroy my life? I believe I've already payed you back for that"

"Always so melo-dramatic, wheres that sunny attitude of yours?"

I exhaled sharply and smiled "It's been awesome talking with you but I have to get to class"

Ever since that day Alec has been hovering over me, holding the one favour he did for me over my head.

It was a tiny favour, but it showed importance as time went on and so Alec began to be a pest.

Acting class zooomed by and I whizzed through my monlogue, eager to get this day over with. Vocals was next and I had to say that it would be a welcome lesson today of all days.

The End

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