Emma: First Things FirstMature

"First come, first serve, babe. That's how it works around here."  Did he just call babe?! Oh this guy was seriously cruising for a bruising!

"That's not the rule!" I gritted my teeth in frustration.

"Listen, I make the rules around here. My father could buy and sell this whole damn school if I told him to." he said smugly. Oh, well lets just jump for joy for daddy then shall we?!

I turned on my heel pushing myself through the doors. Don't hit him Emma. The last thing you want is an enemy in this place, and anyway, he wouldn't look to good with a girl hitting him in the crown jewels in front of his little gang.

I caught sight of Sam walking down the hall, "I don't know what to do," I smiled weakly as I stood in front of him "Maybe we should complain to the head co-ordinator."

"Don't bother." he reasoned, even though I could here slight disappointment in his voice, "We'll come back a little later tonight, okay?" I smiled and nodded walking back to my dorm, for some reason Sam didn't come. Guess he was asking about the practice room.


9pm Practice Room

"Hi, they were a little longer then I expected " I called from the piano stool as Sam came through the doors with a smug smile on his face carrying a bag on his shoulder and his guitar in one hand. "What's got you so smug?" I questioned,

"Nothing." he smiled.

"What? Please say you didn't do anything stupid."

"Why would I do anything like that?"

"Whatever." I left it at that. "Oh, and you know you wanted to do a performance together at the end of the year? I have no idea what song."

"Neither do I. What sort of genre do you like?"

"Anything. as long as its not opera or heavy mental stuff. Heavy mental isn't music, its someone asking me to punch them." I smiled, "Wow I really am violent aren't I? Oh well" he laughed.

"Fair enough. I suppose we should just practice for now then." He pulled out some sheet music from his bag. My stomach dropped as he passed it to me. "I thought we could do this."

"I... um..."

"Don't you like it? We can change if you want"

"No its fine. I just... can't read it."

"You can't read it?" He asked confused. I shook my head.

"I have no idea what any of this means." I pointed towards the notes. "How do you think I performed that song in class with out sheet music?" I tried to smile but failed miserably.

"Oh, you can't read music?"


"Then first things first." he walked over to me,

"What?" he came and sat next to me on the bench.

"I'm going to teach you,"  we both smiled at each other.


"Any time."

The End

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