Salem: Kicking thyselfMature

I closed the door softly it was slightly bent off the hinges but it still closed.

" Yup I should have seen that coming.But I didn't" I start to Narrate for myself.

I held the side of my head, man that girl had a kick! Note to self don't ever, ever piss off Shane. 

" What do I have now ?" I ask, then added," I'm a dumbass!"  I looked through the coures schedule it was acting. Something that I was told I was good at back in high school. Sure I didn`t pursue it as an actual career but I might have if I never ran into Ian and started Rising Silver. I got off my thoughts and picked up my moronic carrcass off my bed, and began to head for acting. 

 " Your such an Idiot Salem!" I say angrily at myself.

What am I blind I should have seen that coming!  I wasn't going to stop kicking myself for a while. I was ten minutes early for acting , no one was there. I hope I wasn't the only one here today.

The End

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