Ethana: FlashbackMature

Deep breath.

Fix the strap on my shoulder and open the glass door.

It is amazing! Much better than my last school. I can't beleive I got a scolarship to this place. Just and ordinary man walked by and saw me playing.

A man in a suit stops walking and stands in the crowd that always seems to gather around me when I play. When I finish the sonng, I stop and fix the tuneing for my next song. Some people walk away. The man in the suit, I notice, Stays. He is very tall and powerful looking. I hope he doesn't try to kid nap me.

"Have you ever had a lesson?" He asks in a gentle voice.

I shake my head no.

"How did you learn to play?" He seems in shock. I didn't think I was that bad.

I tilt my head towards the old man playing two blocks away. I learned by watching him. It isn't the best job in the world, but I make enough to survive.

"Come with me. I want to talk about you comeing to my school. It is for musically gifted students, such as yourself."

I pat my pockets and hold my hands up. I didn't have enough money to go to school.

"That will be taken care of. I will by you something to eat and something to wear. Do you have any parents?" He asks as he helps me to my feet.

I shake my head slowly, waiting for him to snatch my lifes dream from right in front of me.

Obviously, he didn't. He told me the other students have already met each other and the teachers.

I will have my own room and food three times a day. And, I will get to play my music every day.

My main worry now is that they will shun me when they realize I can't talk....

The End

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