Shane sat silently through the meal and I left her to it. She looked like she did not want to be disturbed. Instead I talked to Skye who had come to sit next to me.

"Do you like the school so far?"

"Yes it's great. You?"

"Love it!"

We chatted about guitars for a while and the dance classes. Then Shane tapped my shoulder.

"I'm going back to my room. You want to come?"

I nodded, and let her lead me. We reached a door in the dorm.

"Is this your room?"

"No." She said, and kicked the door. It flung inward and I saw Salem staggering away with his hand on his face. He looked through his fingers at the door, then straightened up.

"What the hell Shane?"

"We need to have a talk Salem."

"About what?"

"Carmen." I walked forward and took Shane's arm.

"Shane, leave it alone." She almost softened, but then Salem started up again.

"Let Carmen live her life Shane. You can't control her."

"I've got more claim than you do!"

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. She's my girlfriend."

Salem stopped, stunned.

"We'd better go." I said and dragged Shane out of the room, leaving Salem in the same position with the same look on his face. "Why did you do that?"

"He was about one step away from asking you out."

"I could have handled it."

"Yeah, but I'm not having him staring at you like he does." We reached her room and went in.

"I never really noticed." Then I stopped and stared at her room. It was amazing. Bright posters covered the plain walls, making it a prettier room, and little lights were strung from every surface.

"Like it?" she said as she took my bag and put it on the floor.

"Yes, it's beautiful."

"Thank you." she started kissing my neck, then ran her lips along my jaw. I sighed.

"Do you have class next?"

"No, you?" she said in between kisses.


"Good. Let me introduce you to my favourite part of the room." She pulled me over to the double bed in the middle of the room. I giggled and let her remove my jacket.

"I'm glad I met you Shane."

She looked up from my neck. "I'm glad I met you too." The she returned to the exploration of my neck.

The End

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