Salem: forgot something ......... roomMature

When Shane jumped off the stage I was a little disapointed in myself. I didn't jaw drop people , like she did. Next time I can do better than the Offspring. Alot of people went up on stage some where impressive some I wondered if they belonged here not to many jaw dropping performances though but more than I had expected.  Which reminded me I needed to practice Ice 9 by joe satriani for an evaluation. Yeah the person who funded my scholarship wanted to do an evaluation of a specific song.  So far I had the beginiig packed. The crazy solos in between the chorus line however where difficult but some easier than others though.

I followedd after Carmen and her friend Shane who was annoyed by what I guessed was me. Just before we hit the cafeteria building I realized I forgot my meal card in my room.  I turn around quickly.

" Hey where are you going." I hear Shane, it sounded like she wanted to get something off her chest.

" Forgot something.... room!" I yell garbled out by the crowd.

I absolutley hated running through crowds but from touring I learned how to do the crowd slalom.  I carefully manuever trhough the crowd just making swift adjustments to not hitsomeone over the head with the neck of my guitar. Once I reach my room. I decide I will have a few snacks left over from getting here because of the crowdage, and it was good time to practice for my evaluation which I shouldn't be worriying about since it was coming around christmas time, but the song was dificult because I swear the person who wrote the song has a demented 8 legged spider for a hand.

I finished off half a bag of chips , I knew later I was gonna feel like crap for eating crap but its probably worth it. I begin to play the begining of the song which was really a typical rock beat but 21 seconds into the song I need to hit aproxamitley 10 notes persecond while maintiaing a slight a major wail on the guitar. I get it right for few more seconds but I fumble the notes.  35 seconds almost flawless playing. Lets hope four months can get me the seven eighths of the song.  15 minutes before the bell perhaps the crowd has died down. Just as I open my door something on the the other side pushes it opens giveing me a face full of door.

The End

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