I sat in silence as people displayed their favorite peices of music. A guy was up to bat, Salem I think. I listened, glad to hear something that was in tune for once, I looked over at where he sat, next to two girls who were obviously into eachother, is that guy blind or is he suicidal? the two girls went up in turn, the one with the guitar, shane looked at him with a challenging expression, I could see why, she was amazing! the notes flowed together soooooo much better than the origonal! she sat back down and I saw the smugness that radiated her when the other girl....carmen hugged her. 

Another girl stood up, her look screaming 'look at me! look at me!' she sang one of avril lavagne's songs, my favorite artist! This girl seemed to radiate power, the teacher clapped more enthusiasticly than most, scary.

 I rolled my eyes and waited patiently for my turn. "valentine"

I got up and stood at the front of the class, singing a small part of something I wrote myself, something odd and mixed up. I wasn't sure if they thought it was any good, I sat back down for a few minutes then skipped off to lunch. I hoped that I would make some friends here, I didn't want a repeat of my last high school.

"Hey, mind if I sit here?"

The End

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