Anika: The Best Damn ThingMature

By the time it is time for my first class, I have been up for a while. I am already dressed to impress. Straight leg jeans and a tunic cut shirt. Add some metallic flip-flops and you're done.

I grab my guitar and head for class. When it is my turn, I play my new favorite song, The Best Damn Thing, by Avril Lavigne. She taught it to me herself. Whenever I have a favorite song, I learn it in at least one instrument. This one, I learned on my acoustic. I bring it in and sit in the back of the class. A few dudes check me out, but then again, everyone does.

When the teacher calls my name, I step up to the stage. I sing the song while playing.

"I hate it when a guy,
doesn't get the door,
even though I told him yester day and the day before.
I hate it when A guy,
doesn't get the tab,
and I have to pull my money out and that looks bad.

There are the hopes,
There are the dreams,
the cinderella story scenes,
when do you think he'll finlly see?

That you not, not, not
gonna get any better.
Like it or not,
even though shes alot like me,
we're not the same."

I think everyone was expecting that I not be very good, since my daddy bought me in. But he only did that to by pass the paper work. I have the talent, or he would not have let me humiliate myself.

I see a lot of girls realize their jaws are on the ground, and a lot of guys thinking of ways to woo me. The teacher thanks me, and calls up the next person.

The End

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