Salem: AlrightMature

I had to admit I did like Carmen she was gorgeouse and seemed nice enough. I couldn't wait to hear her play in music class. I left the table shortly afterwards they left , and headed off to a two month on how to use pedals , and other sound changing equipment on stage , also about editing apparently the test was to produce a 4 minute song completely editted , and sound changed , and you would be marked by one repersentative of the genre you choose to play. It was definetly a fun course in my opinion.  Afterwards I ran too the music room wondering wether I bring my acoustic or electric.  The five minutes  of indesciveness I finally pick my electric guitat realizing that I could choose to have the distortion on or not.

I run back just in time for the bell. I see Carmen , and her friend Shane , I walk over , and sit beside them. Shane didn't look to happy but I wasn't too sure what about. A teacher walked up to a at the front of a mock stage at the front of the room.

" Alright students one by one everyones is going to have 30 seconds of stage time to show us a favourite piece of music. If you do need the music playing to play the peice please feel free to grab your mp3 , and plug in." The started things off by alpabetic order.

" Sounds fun , you guys have any idea what your going to play?" I ask

Before they can answere a the first person begins to play the drums loudly, I can't remember where it was from but I could tell you it was poorly done she was a little off timing, and she knew it. So when she tried to catch up she screwed up the notes even more.  The 30 seconds was up, she looked really down probably. stage fright that got her. More people went until C was the next letter and it was my turn. Crap I wasn't sure what I wanted to play. I had chose quickly though.  I look at my pedals that I brought from last class.  I had an idea. Judas priest , The Hellion, Good 30 second piece well its 42 and really reptitive. No not repetitive arrg.

I was just about at the stand I had oh five seconds to choose, I mental run down of good first 30 seconds of a song runs in my head. One that wasn't terribly repetitive came to mind. The Offspring ,The Kids Aren't All Alright. Just the first 30 seconds , I know the chords this is gonna be fun.


The End

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