So, so tired. I poked at my cereal in disgust; tomorrow I would have the toast. "Yeah not the greatest thing for breakfast eh?" I looked up to see who had spoken. The boy in front of me had piercing blue eyes and he was smiling. Suddenly I recognized him.

 " Your Salem Canter, from Rising silver!" He looked displeased at my recognition.

" Yeah but that doesn't matter what's your name?"

"Carmen. Nice to meet you Salem."

"Nice to meet you too." He leaned over. "how long have you been at the school?"

"Not long. I started yesterday."

"Cool. Did you go to this party I keep hearing about?"

"Yeah, it was amazing."

"Sorry I missed it."

"Yeah, you could have played; I've heard you're really good."

"Thanks. I wonder if we have any classes together?"

We both leaned over our timetables.

"Yeah look, vocals at 3pm. Oh, and music at 10.30am." He pointed them out on the timetable.

"Cool. I'll hear you sing and play then."

"And I'll hear you."

I smiled at him, then saw Shane looking around and waved her over.


"Hey. You tired?"

"I've been worse. No, I think I just lied." Shane laughed.


"Just a little throbbing monster in my temples."

"Here let me help." She massaged my forehead comfortingly.

"That feels much better. Thank you." She sat down next to me. "Oh, Shane, I almost forgot. This is Salem Canter."

"Oh hey. I'm Shane."

"Nice to meet you Shane."

"Salem is in a band called Rising Silver. They're really good. And he's in our music and vocals classes so we'll be able to hear him."

"That's cool man. You been on tour?"

"Yeah just got off it. But we're not that big yet."

"Well I look forward to hearing you. Carmen, you know you've got a free this morning?"


"I thought we might, practice." She had a twinkle in her eye that made me feel I ought to be blushing.

"Yeah, that'd be, great." She got up and I followed suit. "Well it was nice to meet you Salem. I'll see you at 10.30!"

"Yeah same."

We left, and I heard Shane laughing quietly as we reached the door.


"He fancies you."

"Liar! how do you know?"

"He was checking out your ass when we left. Oh and when I was massaging your head he was practically drooling. I'm not surprised though. I thought I'd be getting some competition soon."

"Are you jealous?"


"You so are!" We reached the practice room and went inside. She took my hand.

"Well who can blame me? You are gorgeous."

I smiled and kissed her. "You," I said between kisses, "have be afraid... of." I pulled her closer to me. "Now about the practice..."

"Just one more thing. The next time I see that guy outside of lesson, he is getting a faceful of just how much I like you."

"And how are you intending to do that?"

"It depends on how public the place is." I laughed and pushed her gently.

"Do i get a choice?"

"No." She grinned and kissed me again.

"Alright, but just because you're so darn persuasive." And the kissing continued...

The End

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