Salem: New dayMature

My alarm goes off like it has demonic mind of its own that wants to prevent sleep.  I reach over , and foolishly hit my worst enemy. The snooze button. Luckily form me the excitement of being here got me up before the next alarm went off.  I ran out and head to the cafeteria building with a meal card, and gobbeled it all up. Man everyone looked like zombies as they came out 5 minutes later. I listened in on a few conversation , anf by the sounds of it missed a killer party.  Oh well its college there is tons more. I thought to myself.A girl sits across from me and tries to stabe her bowl of cereal.

" Yeah not the greatest thing for breakfast eh?" I said wondering was eh an actual word? The girls looks up at me and has that sorta recognizing face.

" Your Salem Canter, from Rising silver!"

Seriously are people jerking me around?

" Yeah but that doesn't matter whats your name?"


The End

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