Salem: A day lateMature

I rode in the back of the tour bus after a long trip from Canada over to this college. I couldn't believe it before this summer if you ever said Salem Canter your going to going to tour around the world this summer , and get a scholaship to a prestigiouse school, I would have said there insane. But here I was my Bandmates had a sullen look.

" Salem come on we need those fingers on the guitar , and that voice on this band." Ian says.

I didn't want to say this band is going nowhere to his face, but they toured we got some cash , got noticed but honestly we got crushed by other bands, besides I need this education I needed it. 

" Dude ,  You know I need this alright. This summer alright." I put my hand out for a handshake. Ian looks at angrily but shakes my hand. 

" Summer, Salem, summer,  if you don't show i'm going to beat you!" He says as I grab my acoustic , and electric and other sound mixing equipment, and I can't forget my bag of clothing, and other essaintals. Overkill but I purchased this stuff with my own cash its staying with me.  It was really late to be checking in but I had this previously arranged I had to perform one more gig with the band before I came here. The touring van takes off leaving a black mist in the front of the school.I walk through the automatic doors a night receptionist greeting me.

" Salem Canter , I presume?" She says/

" Yep, Just show me too the room, I can get the place later. I can find my way aroun easily." I say

" Okay Mr. Canter. How was the last performance lastnight?" The receptionist asks.

"  You've been keeping track of Rising Silver eh?" I ask

" Well of course its an anticipated band. You should know that." 

" Umm , no there hasn't been any news coverage on us, anyways to answer your question its was great but the cover on I'm Alive  by Disturbed  didn't go over well with th crowds but they like my solo cover on Hero Of  War  by Rise agianst. So overall I think it could have been better."  I say.

" Your to down on yourself Mr Canter, enjoy your experience here at spotlight."  She says handing me the keys to my room , which I found was perfect way better than sleeping in an ancient tour vehicle.  I put my two guitars , and other equipment in safe places, and quickly drift off to sleep. I hoped this was a good decision, If Rising Silver actually hits it big , without me , I just messed up a huge opertunity.

The End

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