Emma: Fun is a Dangerous ThingMature

"You sure?" I smiled up innocently up at his tall frame.


It was strange how I could talk so freely to him as we laughed and joked exploring our new home that was 'The Spotlight Performing Arts School'.

"Okay. We are now offically lost." I said about an hour and a half later as we came up to the founders statue for the third time.

"I agree. How do we get back."

"No idea. Sorry, I left my compass in my dorm." I walked across the hall and over to the windows. Looking across the courtyard and through the otherside there were the dorms.

"How clever am I?!" I joked,

"Why did we not think of that before."

"Fun's a dangerous thing you know."

"Fun?"suddenly things got  bit awkward,

"Yeah. I had fun. Much better then any party." he didn't say anything as we found a tucked away staircase and walked down the stairs.

"I agree."


"I had fun too."he smiled.

"Good to know."


"What room number are you then?"he asked as we finally found the dormatries, music was still playing.

I stopped suddenly.

"What?..." I burst out laughing putting my hand to my mouth. "What?"

"I think I've forgoten my room number!" I laughed as I reached into my bag trying to find the key. I picked them up and thankfully it had a big blue tag on the key-ring with the number on.

"Scratch that." I grinned holding up the key, he rolled his eyes. "What number are you then, smarty pants?"

His eyes widened, and I burst out laughing again.

"Please say you have your key." I said inbetween me giggling as he fumbled in his pockets smiling.

"Found it!" he held up his key with the numbers twenty two on it.

"We live five doors down from eachother. So" I said starting to walk again counting up the numbers on the doors "As long as one of us remembers there key number, we should be fine." I grinned.

"Well here's me" he stopped near his door.

"Okay. Thanks by the way."

"For what?"

"Getting me lost and making me laugh. It's nice to know that atleast I know somebody." I smiled.

"Yeah, me too. Well... goodnight then."

"Night." I turned smiling as I headed to my door, number twenty seven.

The End

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