Emma: The Practice RoomMature

Music was blasting for the dorm a couple of meters down the hall as I walked to the public practice room across the campus. Hopefully it would be empty as every one was going to the party. Parties weren’t really my thing, I can just about dance to a routine but freestyle? No way. 

I walked through the courtyard with my shoulder bag swinging next to my thighs, pulling my blue cardigan on someone bumped into me.

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll just move out of my own way then” I called back sarcastically, she turned her head and sneered. Someone’s a bit grumpy.  

I jogged up the empty stairs and pulled open the double doors. There was everything in the huge beautiful room. Acoustic guitars, cellos, clarinets, drums of all types, even violins hanging on the wall.  The thing I really came for was of course, the piano. It was right at the back tucked into the corner.

I pulled my bag off and dumped it next to the bench and rested my hands on the keys. It was beautiful. I played the song from Twilight. I know! Twilight right? I wasn’t really into the vampire craze but the music by Carter Burwell when there in the tree in the forest was just to pretty to pass it by-

“Oh. Sorry.”  I turned surprised at the sudden voice. There was a boy standing by the doors with a guitar case. 

“No. It’s fine. I was just about to go anyway.” I stood up and picked up my bag.

“No, I didn’t know you were in here, you stay.”

“Seriously. Im going.” I walked across the room.

“Um, Thanks.”

“My pleasure” I called walking out the door.

I was sure I recognised him from somewhere. I shrugged it off as I walked back to my room. Groaning as I knew that I would never get to sleep tonight.

The End

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