April : coolMature

"Emma" She responded, looking a little nervous.

"It's great to meet you" I smiled "Remember if you ever need a friend, a rehearsal partner, someone to talk to...just call."

"April Valentine" I turned to see Mr bucket

"Whats up?"

"Could you go greet a new student, I know your only new yourself but he's a tad unsociable and it might be better for you to talk to him"

"Abso, what room?" I was glad that Mr bucket knew of the phsycology classes I had taken last summer but he had me do this before with his daughter


"I'll head right up, talk to you later Em" I skipped out the hall searching for room 22.

"Theres a party tonight"

 I turned to the boys' conversation "A party?"

"Huh? oh yeah, everyones invited"

I nodded and finally found room 22. I knocked the door, after a few seconds a boy quite a bit taller than me awnsered. "Um hey there, my names April"

"Sam" he mumbled.

Sam...Sam...I looked at him again and realised who he was "Oh my goodness! Your the guy who came 1st in the talent show to win a scholarship! Your guitar skills are amazing" I beamed "I entered too but came 2nd" I sighed "Which reminds me, theres a party tonight so if your going to get some sleep in I highly reccomend now"

The End

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