"Carmen, can you come over here please?" I ran over to Miss Danthorpe, my dance teacher.

"Did I do something wrong Miss?"

"No actually, that was perfect." She smiled and I grinned back. "We have a student who is going to be starting late and I wondered if you would show her round."

"Just show her round? She isn't starting class?"

"No, she's just having a tour and meeting her teachers, and then she needs to be shown to her dorm. I believe she's in Fonteyn as well."

I headed out to the main desk and saw the girl sitting on a chair. I went up to her.

"Hey, you must be the new student. I'm Carmen."

"Anika. Of course, you already knew that."

"Um, not really no. Anyway, if you'd like to follow me, I'll show you your classrooms and dorm and then leave you to unpack." I grabbed her timetable off the desk and then took her off to meet her first teacher.

Ok, this girl was seriously snobby. She was sticking her nose up at everything and everyone, but she seemed to have something over the teachers, because they looked at her like she was some sort of royal. I was sort of glad when the tour was over and I took her to the dorm. Room 40.

"Here you go." She stared at the room with disgust and then turned to me.

 "Where is the bathroom?"

"There's one down the hall to your left, or there's your en suite in there."

She opened the door and sniffed. "It's a little small."

"Oh no, I'll just go have the builders start on a new one for you right away." She looked at me distastefully. "Look, you might as well try to fit in, it may not be what you're used to but at least you got in."

"I could have got in anywhere."

"Right. Anyway there's a party tonight here so I hope you didn't plan to go to sleep early."

"A party? Why?"

"So everyone can get to know each other."

"Oh. I might make an appearance."

"You do that."

"Carmen!" I turned and saw Shane coming down the hall.


"I thought you had class?"

"Yeah I do, but Anika here hasn't seen the school and so she needed someone to show her round."

"And you volunteered? Well aren't you sweet." She tweaked my nose and  I giggled. How come I liked her this much when I'd only just met her?

"Ahem. When you two have stopped being so involved in each other."

"Oh I'm sorry, Anika this is Shane, Shane, Anika."

"Nice to meet you." said Shane, holding out her hand. Anika stared at it until Shane gave in. "Well, I gotta go and set up the party. My mate's bringing us some drinks."

"Cool. You want a hand?"

"Lesson, remember?"

"It'll be finished by now, and I've got a free second."

"Great, this way then."

"Anika, if you need anything we'll be down the hall." I said following Shane. I heard her mutter a response in disgust.

"I'll be sure to knock first." 


The End

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