I can't believe I am here. Well, I knew it would happen eventually. Cause my daddy can do anything.

I guess some one was at the talent show and thought I was good. As they should. As I walk up to the doors, I imagine the inside.

Chrome plated desks, marble floors, Personal laptops. Needless to say, My old school was better. I would have thought this a public school, if I didn't know any better.

I will not attend any classes today. I am just here to take a tour and see my class rooms. I suppose I will meet the teachers too.

I step up to the reception desk and flip my hair over my shoulder in a practiced move. The lady looks up at me and I can tell she knows who I am. She stutters when she asks, "What can I do for you today?"

I can see teachers and various staff behind her. "My name is Anika. I am here to take a tour of this school." Of course she already knew this, I just said it for the benefit of the others.

My daddy had to pay extra to have me enrolled after the deadlines and the start of school. I hope the teachers enjoy the break room he Generously donated.

The End

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